Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hi all! I've moved into a new apartment in a new town, and started my new job. I feel kinda like this:

I've also been having the requisite internet issues, but I think I may have those resolved, so get ready for a glut of photos to come in soon.

How are you all? I feel like I've been gone forever!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beat the Beat

I got this little boys' size 6 blazer at Goodwill last week and I have been wearing it approximately 50% of the time since. I've missed posting, or even taking pictures, of most of those outfits, but here's one I did get.

This is the blazer I have been dreaming of. I have owned more than one black blazer, but since I have VERY slim shoulders, I end up settling for one that kinda fits, but is sort of big, and the arms are too wide, or whatever. A multitude of problems. But this one, since it is cut for a child, actually (wonder of wonders) fits in the shoulders, and the sleeves look intentionally three-quarter length. I can't close it comfortably, but I wouldn't want to anyway.

Look forward to this jacket being a fall staple. I love it here with my dress (also from Goodwill), and I can't wait to do skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and boots, as well as many other variations that will be awesome. 

My New Apartmentssss, preciousssssss...

Well, I've officially signed the lease for this lovely studio apartment. I will be living in a new town for the first time since I was two years old. In the above shot you can see most of my new abode. I'm super excited (or, as young Joe would have said, I'm so cited!) to be living alone again, though I've had a lot of great times with my various roommates over the past couple of years. And I am just a few blocks away from Joe, I get to see him every day again! Well, not yet. As soon as I get moved in, which will likely be Saturday. I still have to pack, and work my last day at the library, and train at my new job. And have a moving out party Friday. AND one of my oldest friends will likely be giving birth this week, probably also on Friday. So, you know, life is pretty chill.

Careful observers will note this bathroom is handicapped-accessible. Because it was the only unit they had left.

Now let's talk about what's really important--my outfit. I have had this sweater for months and I've only worn it once before, because it looks weird with pretty much everything. The only time it seems to work is if my dress or skirt is shorter than the sweater itself, leaving me few options when trying to style it. On this day I threw on the shirtdress first, and while trying to figure out what to wear over it, the planets aligned and I grabbed the cardigan and my new tights and ended up loving the result.

Why does this dress always look so much wrinklier in pictures than in real life? 

Smashing Pumpkins Concert, Friday September 10

An overview of my experience Friday when Joe and I went with our friend Robert to the Smashing Pumpkins concert.

1. This pigeon was fat and devious. He stared at us, wouldn't move, and we were sure he was going to poop on us at some point.

2. Me looking kinda dorky in my concert-going attire.

3. We were four or five feet from the stage. As a result, I have looked Billy Corgan in the eye, and will never be the same.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yes, it's cashmere

Today was pretty nuts. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. for my first day at my new job. I am fearful about how this will work out in the long run, since I am not (I repeat, NOT) a morning person, and haven't had to get up this early consistently since sophomore year of high school. So, while it went well this morning, I know it will be an adjustment.

On a recent trip to Goodwill, I tried these two pieces (sweater and skirt) on together, and I knew immediately it was perfect for my first day of work. 

(Don't mind my silly posing today, I was to lazy to go anywhere outside of my bedroom.) 

I've been wanting a black skirt of this length, though it's a heavier cotton than I had in mind. I love the button closure, there's something so eighties about it. When you see it in person, it's pretty intricate. 

I added tights in case it was too cold in the office to go bare-legged, plus it's a bit more professional looking.

Though I'm not sure how fussy I have to be about looking professional, since the girl I am replacing was dressed almost exactly in this outfit I wore last week:

Seriously, she was in a man's button-up shirt, belted, with leggings and flats. I would never have considered this a work-appropriate outfit, and I still don't think I would try wearing it to work. But it's nice to know I could.

It all worked out

I wore this outfit for a day out shopping with my sidekick, Paige. Her birthday was on Sunday so I took her for some Labor Day shopping and her very first trip to Buffalo Exchange. All was successful, as we procured for her an amazing black lace and tulle dress. I also was tempted by a few items, but managed to restrain myself since I will need all the money I can get this month. Since I was just approved for a NEW APARTMENT! Yes, a place to myself, just me. Good thing I'm working full time now, cause my rent's about to double.

May I draw your attention to my light switch? It is fantastically weird. I will kind of miss it, but not my tiny tiny bedroom.

When composing this outfit, I was going to wear ballet flats, but as it was pouring down rain all day, I went with my old man shoes. My feet stayed dry and happy!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Love Your Elbows

Today was a bit thrown together, I didn't really know what I wanted to wear. I was drawn to my cuffed denim shorts because I know that my impending full-time job and the onset of cooler weather means I won't have many more chances to wear them. 

The shirt is from the children's section at Target. It's nice and bright, and maybe the only instance of either purple or orange in my wardrobe, but the fit is a little off so it's hard to make it work in an outfit. So what else could I do but throw on my black Value Village cardigan, which I have worn to death since I bought it in the spring?

Pictures were difficult today. After rather a lot of unsuccessful attempts to get proper lighting on my porch, I switched to this little spot on the east side of my house. I'm trying to get pictures in various places around the abode, since I will be (I hope) moving within weeks, and to an apartment, so stepping into my yard to get photos will no longer be an option.

Today I went to look at an apartment, and I am IN LOVE with it. It's the last unit left in a building near a university campus, and it must have been last because it's handicapped accessible. The toilet is very high and throne-like, and there are convenient handrails installed all through the bathroom. When Joe and I were  in the hall trying to get the door to open (it was sticky and stubborn-we almost couldn't get in!) we heard the theme song from The Big Bang Theory coming from the apartment across the hall, so that was a great sign. Though I only really enjoyed the first couple seasons, and Jim Parsons as Sheldon is the main reason Joe and I ever liked it, we still have a certain nostalgic affection for the show. We were kind of tempted to knock on the door and tell whoever was inside that they were cool.

In other news, I went to Goodwill on the way home, and MAJOR HAUL ALERT! I got two dresses, a sweater, a blazer, and a t-shirt for 26 bucks. It would have been closer to twenty, but one of the dresses was eight dollars and threw off my whole groove. I mean, really, that's a bit pricey for Goodwill. It's super cute, though, and I couldn't bear to part from it. Speaking of expensive, there was a really nice coffee table in the furniture section for seventy dollars! Excuse me, Goodwill but I can go to IKEA or Target and get a brand new one for about that price. The nerve!


Friday, September 3, 2010

I Could Be Walking

Today my tripod and I decided to go out to the back porch and experiment with some night photography. I ended up using the foliage setting on my camera, which is by far the setting I use most, because it makes the colors richer and stranger. The most challenging part was trying to work with the lighting on my face. I usually ended up completely in shadow, or looking like my skin was weirdly glowy.

It's a bummer the detail of my shoes is obscured, cause they're awesome. They are my trusty old man shoes, and I worked them with the librarian sweater/blouse combo in honor of my last day of working the desk at the library. Actually, I just got dressed with no agenda except to wear jeans for casual Friday, and later on realized the possible symbolism of my attire.

I still have three more days of work at the library, but all those will be spent doing secret behind-the-scenes things. Meaning, I work in Technical Services part time and put labels on magazines and other such things. All the days I have left of work there will be in the non-public aspects of my job, and training my coworkers who will be taking on my responsibilities. So, in a sense, a big part of what I have been doing the last three years ended today. I am sad to leave. More than anything, this feeling is akin to the end of school emotions I used to get each summer. I have moved so much since graduating college, but had only a couple of jobs, and I have worked at the library longer than anywhere else. I am grateful to get away from the few frustrations I had to deal with there, but overwhelmingly it will be hard to leave my fantastic coworkers, some of the best people I have ever worked with. And I will miss being able to tell people I work at the library when they ask what I do. To hold such a position elicits instant respect, and often jealousy, from others.

But the good news is, I am set to start a whole new job on Tuesday, and I will be working full-time with benefits for the first time ever. I know it will be a big adjustment, and a part of me is whining about the fact that I'm putting on my big-girl pants and growing up. But I am excited to be able to afford life again, maybe even throw a bit into my long-neglected savings account. And the job is a step up for sure, as I will be Advertising Coordinator at a small local publishing company that puts out four newspapers. I'm not exactly sure what my job is going to entail, so I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. Everyone at the library has been super encouraging and supportive, especially my bosses, though they are of course devastated to lose me.

Look out adulthood, here I come. I promise to keep reading Harry Potter and Mo Willems and shopping in the children's section and eating frosting straight out of the container and...okay, so maybe I'm not ready for adulthood. But here I go anyway.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

No Fires

I have a new love, and it is my tripod.

Taking pictures was about a thousand times easier today, though I noticed that most of the ones I liked were taken in the same spot. I tried turning around and getting the lake in the background, but the lighting was wrong and I just ended up looking like a dark creepy thing in a denim jacket.

Speaking of denim jackets, I broke mine out again today. It really doesn't get much love or attention, but lately I've gained a new appreciation for it. The simple fact that I rolled up the sleeves breathed new life and sophistication into an item I often write off as a bit juvenille. 


I rooted these grey tights out of the bottom of my legwear pile, I don't think I've worn them more than once or twice the last few years. As I amass a greater and greater collection of wearable skirts and dresses, my need for tights has increased, and my esteem for them is increasing daily. See how lovely they look with the blue, and how they keep my outfit work appropriate? 

And here's a shot where you can see my purse:

I'm super picky about purses and usually settle a bit when I buy one, but I've been really happy with this one. And at about twenty bucks from Ross, the price was right!

Meet Trisha

Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce you all to my new blogging friend, Trishna at Tashrin. She found me on Weardrobe and tracked me down. That's one thing I like about the blogging world, the chance to meet people from all over that you would never come across otherwise, and get in touch with them within minutes! Especially since I've basically ventured into this world on my own. Very few of my friends blog, and of those who do, none have fashion or style blogs. In fact, hardly anyone I know reads any blogs regularly, and those who read mine are not active commenters. Often I feel that I am speaking to the wind with my posts, and to get a reminder now and then that people out there see (and perhaps even like) what I'm doing is welcome and refreshing.

I encourage you all to follow the above link over to her blog. I am making my way through her archives, and I love her use of ladylike silhouettes. She wears lots of skirts and dresses, and isn't afraid to mix patterns. Not everyone has the ability choose two or more patterns that are balanced and stylish together, but she pulls it off every time. And though I can't profess to know much about her native home, Bangladesh, I assume her fearless use of bold colors was influenced by growing up there. Also, she is sometimes accompanied by a cute little puppy friend I know a few of my readers will especially enjoy. I've added her to my "Blogsessions" roll, so check back in with her often, or follow her. And thanks to Trishna for wanting to be friends!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In which I am noticed by Pacsun, my new BFF

A few of you may remember a post I did last month on Pacsun (you can jump to it here). Subsquently, someone from Pacsun saw my post and left me a comment. Well, a week or so later, I got an email from someone else who heard a conference call between some of Pacsun's executives. My blog post was quoted extensively and mentioned at least three times (from what I gather, it was a discussion of their earnings report). Apparently, they are trying to break into a more sophisticated customer base, and my comments supported exactly their aim for the fall season! It was so bizarre to hear these people I have no connection to (besides my humble blog and my silly post about their company) discussing me, and quoting words I wrote! It is definitely the strangest and coolest thing to happen to me in my brief blogging career. I don't know how you found me PacSun, but thanks, and keep up the good work!

Soooo, (kinda awkward segue). I took some pictures the other day. I was wearing jeans from PacSun, so that makes it relevant, right?

My camera was still doing that weird thing with the formatting, but for the most part this one turned out cool. I  could have hung out in this spot for quite awhile and taken pictures, but my camera battery was dying.

Thanks to Paige for taking my pictures! 


A local bowling alley/restaurant recently changed their sign to this:

Something makes me doubt the validity of this statement (or the scientific merit of this "vote"). 

Meanwhile, I've been a bit lazy with the picture-taking lately, meaning some less-than-stellar lighting and poses. I almost didn't take any pictures this day:

I finally gave in because I've been wanting to pair this houndstooth sweater vest with my houndstooth blouse ever since I got it. I thought the doubling up of the pattern would look really cool, and it did. Not that you can tell. Oh, well, I'll have to try again another day.

And once again, here's a last minute "oh crap I didn't do my picture yet" shot taken seconds before I changed into pajamas. It's a dreaded mirror picture, complete with really bad lighting and demonstrates, more than anything, that my mirror is dusty.

This was my very first jab at wearing a dress under a top as a skirt, and it turned out cute, so I guess I can abide the terrible photography. The good news is, I just bought a tripod a couple of days ago, and so all my pictures will be infinitely easier to take from now on.