Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A local bowling alley/restaurant recently changed their sign to this:

Something makes me doubt the validity of this statement (or the scientific merit of this "vote"). 

Meanwhile, I've been a bit lazy with the picture-taking lately, meaning some less-than-stellar lighting and poses. I almost didn't take any pictures this day:

I finally gave in because I've been wanting to pair this houndstooth sweater vest with my houndstooth blouse ever since I got it. I thought the doubling up of the pattern would look really cool, and it did. Not that you can tell. Oh, well, I'll have to try again another day.

And once again, here's a last minute "oh crap I didn't do my picture yet" shot taken seconds before I changed into pajamas. It's a dreaded mirror picture, complete with really bad lighting and demonstrates, more than anything, that my mirror is dusty.

This was my very first jab at wearing a dress under a top as a skirt, and it turned out cute, so I guess I can abide the terrible photography. The good news is, I just bought a tripod a couple of days ago, and so all my pictures will be infinitely easier to take from now on. 

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