Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can't find enough pots and pans, let alone knives in my kitchen, to keep you cookin'

The past few months have been a flurry of life changes, and all of them have been welcome. Time and energy once spent on my blog, because I had no where else to funnel them, have been poured into two jobs and wedding planning (though the latter is being kept very low key as to avoid pointless stress). But I do miss posting. There have been a lot of great outfits seen only by those who happened to come across me in real life, completely unknown to the online world. After being mildly chastised by one of my bridesmaids for my long style blogging absence, I took to the trail this evening and brought along my camera to capture one of my favorite pieces I've ever thrifted.

I love the saturated turquoise color and latticed embroidery in this vintage top. It's one of those items I bought for my etsy shop and then decided I didn't want anyone to else to have. (Don't worry though, it's up in the shop despite my love for it.) I doubled up on vintage today with what I like to call my old man shoes because they look better with these shorts than anything else in my wardrobe, and here it's just now getting warm enough to venture out in bare legs. This is plainly evidenced by the absolutely blinding state of my winter-pale legs.

PS- Did you notice my haircut? You didn't? Well, I don't blame you. Though I got about three inches hacked off, it was getting so long before it's not so drastic of a change. The side fringe and layers have improved the overall look quite a bit, though. Not that you can tell in these photos, I've noticed just now I didn't manage to showcase my hair very much at all.

That's about all for now.

Vintage top, American Eagle shorts, dad's belt, vintage shoes from Value Village

Monday, May 23, 2011

You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!

Today was my first day off in two weeks, and my last day off was the trip to Seattle and the concert, so it feels like longer since I've had a day without work or obligations. I'm capping off the day's activities by bringing you a set of photos from last week. This is my 20 dollar Urban Outfitters dress I got with my birthday money. Cotton, pockets, and an irresistible little strawberry print, on sale and in my was kismet. I'm already mentally packing it for my honeymoon in Southern California a few months from now.

Handed-down American Eagle cardigan, Old Navy tank, Urban Outfitters dress, Kohl's sandsls

Friday, May 20, 2011

Future Starts Slow

Hello all! It's been awhile. This past couple of months has been full of so many changes, and I've been busy enjoying all of them. Most of you already know that I got engaged recently, and wedding planning is in full swing. Since Joe and I wanted a short engagement, everything is coming fast. My mom and I went dress shopping last week on my birthday, and when anyone at the bridal shops found out that the date was August 27, they looked at us like we were crazy! I managed to score an amazing dress for a great price at a consignment shop, and best of all it needs very little alteration. New dresses mostly come in size 8 or 10, and would have needed major alterations for size 0 me!

I also got a second job shortly after I started at the library, so going from five months of not working to working every day has been an adjustment. A good one, though. Most days I only work a few hours, so I'm still in part-time territory. My newer job is at a local gift and card store (we also make/sell fudge and have bulk's so hard not to eat sugar all day long when I'm there) and I love it! It's kind of my dream job, and the owners also run a conjoining independent book store which I will be eventually working in as well. The book store is pretty beloved, and I've wanted to work there since I first visited it years ago, so I'm still in a state of disbelief that this is actually happening! I probably won't train on bookstore side for awhile, so for now it's strictly cards and candy and giftwrapping and knickknacks, but that's pretty awesome in its own right. 

Enough news, how about some pictures? Last week was my birthday, and a few months ago Joe got tickets to see one of our favorite bands, The Kills. Since the concert was just a few days before my actual birthday, we made a celebration out of it. We hit Pike Place Market first thing, and Joe was convinced we would see Alison and Jamie (the band members) since the venue was less than a block away. No luck, but we snapped a few photos at Post Alley.

We continued to wander around Pike Place and downtown Seattle. I grabbed some pizza and we checked out Urban Outfitters where I scored a dress for 20 bucks. Finally, tired of walking around, we took a rest near the Showbox (the concert venue) and contemplated our next move. That's when it happened--Joe spotted the band members across the street! We hurried after them, getting stuck at the longest Don't Walk signal ever, and just managed to catch up before they stepped into a restaurant. They were extremely nice and were happy to take a couple of pictures as well.

After that, we were so excited we couldn't stand still for long, so we trekked over to the downtown branch of the Seattle Library and explored its weird and cool modern architecture for a bit. Then we headed back to the Showbox to wait for the bar to open so we could sit inside. We ended up meeting and hanging out with a guy who had flown up from San Francisco to see the show. No pictures allowed during the concert, so I don't have any proof of our great positions on barricade, less than an arm's length from the stage. But I had Joe take a shot of me in front of the marquee outside. That guy with the blond dreds and the murse is part of the band's fact, I think he might have been their manager.

A great day was had by all, especially when I managed to get right back onto the freeway from downtown Seattle, an accomplishment that is pretty rare. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love's Old Song

I love the dotty print and floaty skirt of this vintage dress. I bought it for my shop and listed it, but I'm kind of secretly glad no one has bought it yet. So far I've only been able to wear it layered under a cardigan, but today I was imagining myself bringing it on my honeymoon and unleashing its full sundress glory on southern California. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll be disappointed if someone else snaps it up...I've had my time with it, and would be happy to see it go on to another home. (Though Joe doesn't quite agree...when I told him someone might buy it he said very definitively "No. Wear it on our honeymoon.")

I've always gone with a feminine heels and sweater combo with this dress, but as I'm currently making my way through My So-Called Life on Netflix, there's a great temptation to go the flannel shirt and Doc Marten boots route. Since I don't own any appropriately grunge-era boots, I'll never get to pull it off. It's just as well, anyway. Being engaged in in my twenties doesn't lend itself to a style most at home on moody teenagers drowning in ennui and unrequited infatuation. Also, embracing grunge means I might have to consider allowing overalls back into my life. I've made that mistake before, friends, and I rather hope never to make it again.

Nordstrom cardigan, vintage dress here, vintage belt, New York and Company wedges, vintage necklace

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Country lanes lead to fields

Spring is so often seen as a time of beauty, growth, and life. While this is certainly true, I think there's a sort of inherent struggle and darkness to this time of year. Growth always comes slower than we want, and there is an impatience and frustration in the days just before summer's lazy warmth. Clouds crest and scatter, taunting us with sun one moment and gloom the next. Hope and despair come easily, and in ever-changing shifts. Days I insist on filling run empty like a sieve, momentum swells only to slam against the wall. Victories are small, their joys fleeting. A warm patch of sun cannot overpower the constant chill of gusting wind. My mood refuses to equalize. A dress with pink flowers is stubbornly, unwaveringly optimistic.

American Rag cardigan, American Eagle dress, mom's old belt, Chinese Laundry shoes, purse available here

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dude Style: Part Three

He's back. Yep, it's Joe again. And not only is he wearing a rather glorious brown grandpa cardigan, but he's paired it with a pale yellow cable-knit sweater. Honestly, I cannot decide which is more resplendent. And the double sweater action? Totally his idea. Our aim in shooting this ensemble was to highlight the fancy boots, because we both loved them. Honestly, every guy should have a pair in his wardrobe.

It was kind of funny having Joe hang out with us, since he and my fiance have the same name. I almost never call my Joe by his name, usually we just call each other "hon," but having both of them around caused a few minor confusions. I think most of us have to deal with these sorts of multiple friends with the same name issues, and resolve them in various ways. Back in high school my group had a girl named Erin and another girl named Eryn. Inevitably, someone would call to Erin and Eryn would answer, and the person would say "no, not you." So she started referring to herself as Eryn No Not You. And answering to it. Not the most elegant of solutions, but hey, it worked for us.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And that's why you always leave a note

Joe and I have started to watch Twin Peaks on Netflix. They've gotten a lot of good new stuff on streaming lately, like Twilight Zone, and I hear Mad Men will be coming soon. They've also gotten a lot of really random old stuff, like Wings. Remember that show? From the nineties? It had Tony Shaloub pre-Monk, Thomas Hayden Church pre-Sideways and Spiderman? If you don't you actually score points. I used to watch that all the time when I was younger, but I'm pretty sure if I tried to watch it now I would consider it pure drivel.

 I've been putting on Ally McBeal at night when go to bed (yes, I have the bad habit of falling asleep to tv shows), and Joe is not too pleased about it because it messes with the recommendations generated on his account. For example, currently the "Top Picks for Joe" starts with The Secret Life of an American Teenager. If I ever watched an episode of Glee on streaming there's a good chance he would break up with me immediately.

Express cardigan, Old Navy cami, Macy's skirt, JC Penny tights, Steve Madden flats

Monday, April 11, 2011

The slow fade of love

Today was a pretty big first day of work since November! I finally got a job, and will be making money again. Not very much, but anything is better than nothing. Back to library life for me, though in a different job, and in a very different environment. I'm such a nerd, I get really fascinated my the inner workings of libraries now, how each is so unique. Today was mostly paperwork, but there were four of us so it was a little less boring than it could have been. After months of unemployment, I'm kind of psyched to be around so many new people all the time, though I'm sure that will go away. The introvert in me will always win in the end. And being in a bigger city now, I'm sure I'll have lots of fun, weird, and/or annoying stories to tell you.

(Pssst...skirt available here, and the purse too!)

Old Navy denim jacket, Old Navy top, Kensie girl heels, mom's old belt, vintage skirt and purse in my etsy store

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I made them into a dream spider

Here's me posing in the corner of the deck/outside entrance of my apartment building, with sane looking hair and clothing:

And here's me trying to take pictures out in the open:

I may look like I'm twirling about, but I assure you I am not. The last one is my favorite, it's looks like I'm wearing a bustle in the front of my skirt. I've been contemplating a major, MAJOR haircut (though not until after Joe and I get married), but days like this remind me of how much more difficult super short hair can me on windy days. I chopped everything off down to about half an inch once in high school, and the awkward growing out phases means a lot of time in the "too short too put in a ponytail, long enough to blow around in front of my face every day of my life" zone.

American Rag cardigan, thrifted Anne Taylor top, Goodwill dress, Delias tights from Joe, Rampage heels