Friday, April 30, 2010


Home alone, eating mac and cheese. After work I was feeling artistic and set about a project, but needing something in the background I put on a concert DVD of No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom Tour. I've only watched it once before, years ago when I first got it. I think I spent most of the first ten minutes ignoring my project and watching mesmerizedly as Gwen hurtled about the stage, voice never faltering, energy never waning. As someone who has seen No Doubt twice on tour, once during Rock Steady and again last year, I can concur with the evidence on the Tragic Kingdom DVD which indicates they are pretty much flawless live. I've been on and off obsessed with Gwen for years, and she made me fall back in love with her again.
Here I am in an "I'm barely trying" outfit thrown together in about two minutes flat. I was running late for work. I love these Levi's trouser jeans. They didn't come in short length, but I had them hand-hemmed by Grandma. So much more professional looking than skinnies.

Shoe detail. I got these gold flats for Christmas--they're Dr. Scholl's! Way to be cute AND comfortable! Perfect for an eight hour day of being on my feet.

Tank top lace & sequin detail.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

4-21 through 4-28

Kinda behind on posting, so here's some catch-up.

Kinda over leggings but it's still too cold to go bare-legged, and I have to be covered up enough to be work appropriate. I folded them up at the bottom for a little calf exposure. The t-shirt looks much cuter with the dress in real life, and I love that it matches the reddish-coral in the pattern almost exactly.

I guess this is a bit schoolgirl inspired, the skirt was two dollars at a consignment shop called Labels I'm now obsessed with.

I wanted to get a clearer shot of the funny pockets in this skirt, so I put my hands in them but it's still a bit hard to see the detail. I keep trying to find different places to pose, but it's difficult finding a place to set the camera and get the whole outfit in working with the self-timer. And getting the shoes in is VERY IMPORTANT YOU GUYS. Speaking of irony, I saved the wrong picture and you can't see my shoes here.


You've heard of Tavi from Style Rookie, right? I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes, so I just now got around to checking out her blog for the first time. A fourteen-year-old girl is my new inspiration. I was initially struck more by her writing than even the fashion. She's got crazy-sharp wit beyond her years and the kind of cultural relevance I never could have imagined at her age, dropping references to everything from Family Guy to J.D. Salinger. She reminds me of the girl I wish I could have been back then. As an introverted kid who to this day hasn't broken the hundred pound mark, I could have used a fashion partner-in-crime like the similarly waifish Tavi, whose blog took off at the age I lost all courage. My social ineptitude and the pressure to dress in ways I couldn't afford to fit in killed my style. The vibrant fashion daring I had as a child became to risky. I played it safe, and it has taken more than ten years for me to really begin to reclaim the whimsy and courage I once had.

Now here' a picture of me today:
Not directly related to the above ramblings. Though I would like to mention that when I was little I loved wearing weird and crazy things I bought at garage sales. My grandparents on my dad's side are avid "garagesalers" and used to take me along, giving me a couple bucks here and there to spend as I pleased. Then middle school hit and, same old story, secondhand clothes were taboo and only certain brands could be worn proudly. But recently I have seized a great passion for secondhand clothes, mostly by way of thrift stores and consignment shops. The sweater above I have been wearing like crazy since I bought it a couple of months ago at Value Villiage for probably around five bucks. Here's a closer-up of the optional side-button detail:

I've only worn it this way a couple of times, but I think I might get into it more now. (Picture taken in Tori's room, cause her mirror is easier to get to than mine, which is stashed behind the door of my tiny room.) And, just because, my toenail polish that's coming off.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I barely left the house today, I doubt I would have at all except I had to pick up my paycheck.
I did attempt some baking, but without proper measuring spoons the biscuits I made turned out at little off, though edible.


My new dress from Buffalo Exchange with flowers and airplanes on it. This was a Sunday, and after church we were out and about so I had to change into something different right after.
I love that the hem hits at the perfect spot here, being petite most dresses are knee length or longer on me.


It's a bit hard to see, but the skirt has big funny pockets on each side. It was three dollars at Walmart. I also bought shiny black leggings with zippers at the ankle for about two bucks, so stay tuned while I figure out how to work them into an outfit.


Joe didn't get this outfit, I think it was the belt. I love the color combo.




Oh yes, this is a Value Village sweater. It falls under the weird-but-kinda-amazing category.




Wearing my glasses.


Not long after this, we got a kitchen table and put it right where I'm sitting,
This was a Friday outfit for work. Fun fact: I got asked out at work this day. He was bummed when I told him I have a boyfriend.



Not really enough room to take a standing-up picture in my bedroom.


My black mini and leggings is becoming my go-to option when I'm working and can't wear jeans.
Not sure why I didn't get this one posted in order, oh well.