Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Spending the day in Bellingham with Joe. Here we are walking to the little store by his apartment to buy Vitamin Water, potato chips for me, and lotto tickets for him. We saw two deer about fifty feet from us in the other direction.
(Notice the sweater again. Ever buy something and get a little obsessed with it?)


I'm kinda all about the cuffing lately.
I found all my cool long necklaces at my parent's house, I haven't had them in four months.

Friday, March 26, 2010


This shot was taken toward the end of the day instead of the morning. I think the difference shows in my face. Of course, a week of moving, cleaning, working, and general hectic-ness didn't help.


Since I don't often post every day, I'm going to title each post from now on with the date the photo was taken.
Here I'm bringing back the sweater, but with my new skirt, leggings and shoes! Yay!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This shot features my bobble-headed turtle from Mexico.
The shirt is a thin knit sweaterish blazer thing I just got.


Shirt stolen from my roommate.

We went shopping for house stuff in the afternoon (new shower curtain! yay!), so I brought backup flat-soled sandals. In case you can't tell, those heels are cheetah print.

Monday, March 22, 2010


And now, I am finally caught up on my posting! I am actually still wearing the outfit shown here.
This shirt is Joe's absolute favorite of all my many items of clothing. It's from Value Village. As are the jeans. I spent most of the day with him in Bellingham.


Fashion in the midst of moving!


Last day in the house where Tori and I were "extended house sitting" for four months. She took the quilt down to let in light the day before. The busyness of trying to move and the fact that my clothes were split between two houses meant I ended up wearing the same shirt and sweater as the day before, but with different pants.
Bye house! We'll miss you!


I love how the composition of this one came out--the light coming in from the window, and even how I accidentally caught a bit of the countertop in the frame.
Being a petite person, I used to be kind of obsessed with clothing fitting closely, even tight, because it is so hard for me to find things in my size. I'm starting to flirt with the idea of structured looseness in my clothing. I added a green tank under the shirt for a bit of color, though it doesn't come through much in the photo.


Good hair day.


Back to real clothing. This is a week after the last picture. I discovered the best place in the house to take my pictures, just in time to move out. I love the way the colorful makeshift quilt curtain competes with my outfit.

I am a bit new to the whole experimenting with layers--originally I wasn't wearing the sweater. But it was a bit cold for the vest/tank top combo, and I didn't want to fuss with a jacket all day.


Immediately after posting my first picture a couple of weeks ago, I started to feel sick. Within the span of an hour I went from feeling fine to having a miserable cold. So nothing I was wearing for about a week could be considered an outfit, per se. This was the closest I came, I think it was Monday and I had gotten sick Friday night. Good old little boys size college sweatshirt--the ultimate in lazy fashion.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Anyone for exercises in self-indulgence? Looking back at pictures of myself over the past year or so, I felt (not for the first time) that my personal style was grossly misrepresented. Over and over again I appear in the same grey American Eagle cardigan and skinny jeans. Yes, I wore that cardigan a lot. But when I look in my closet, only about ten percent of the clothes I own have ever been photographed on me.
I've been intrigued by minute documentation of seeming mundane daily details since I discovered the book "Everything I Ate" by Tucker Shaw. So, in an effort only for myself, and only because I am interested in being able to look back someday at what I was wearing, when, and why, I present this blog.
Also, I just discovered The Sartorialist.

First day of sandals this year! It was warm enough in February, but I couldn't mentally justify it. March is a little better.