Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet Trisha

Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce you all to my new blogging friend, Trishna at Tashrin. She found me on Weardrobe and tracked me down. That's one thing I like about the blogging world, the chance to meet people from all over that you would never come across otherwise, and get in touch with them within minutes! Especially since I've basically ventured into this world on my own. Very few of my friends blog, and of those who do, none have fashion or style blogs. In fact, hardly anyone I know reads any blogs regularly, and those who read mine are not active commenters. Often I feel that I am speaking to the wind with my posts, and to get a reminder now and then that people out there see (and perhaps even like) what I'm doing is welcome and refreshing.

I encourage you all to follow the above link over to her blog. I am making my way through her archives, and I love her use of ladylike silhouettes. She wears lots of skirts and dresses, and isn't afraid to mix patterns. Not everyone has the ability choose two or more patterns that are balanced and stylish together, but she pulls it off every time. And though I can't profess to know much about her native home, Bangladesh, I assume her fearless use of bold colors was influenced by growing up there. Also, she is sometimes accompanied by a cute little puppy friend I know a few of my readers will especially enjoy. I've added her to my "Blogsessions" roll, so check back in with her often, or follow her. And thanks to Trishna for wanting to be friends!

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature Stephanie.

    Love from Toronto, Canada