Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It all worked out

I wore this outfit for a day out shopping with my sidekick, Paige. Her birthday was on Sunday so I took her for some Labor Day shopping and her very first trip to Buffalo Exchange. All was successful, as we procured for her an amazing black lace and tulle dress. I also was tempted by a few items, but managed to restrain myself since I will need all the money I can get this month. Since I was just approved for a NEW APARTMENT! Yes, a place to myself, just me. Good thing I'm working full time now, cause my rent's about to double.

May I draw your attention to my light switch? It is fantastically weird. I will kind of miss it, but not my tiny tiny bedroom.

When composing this outfit, I was going to wear ballet flats, but as it was pouring down rain all day, I went with my old man shoes. My feet stayed dry and happy!

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