Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Love Your Elbows

Today was a bit thrown together, I didn't really know what I wanted to wear. I was drawn to my cuffed denim shorts because I know that my impending full-time job and the onset of cooler weather means I won't have many more chances to wear them. 

The shirt is from the children's section at Target. It's nice and bright, and maybe the only instance of either purple or orange in my wardrobe, but the fit is a little off so it's hard to make it work in an outfit. So what else could I do but throw on my black Value Village cardigan, which I have worn to death since I bought it in the spring?

Pictures were difficult today. After rather a lot of unsuccessful attempts to get proper lighting on my porch, I switched to this little spot on the east side of my house. I'm trying to get pictures in various places around the abode, since I will be (I hope) moving within weeks, and to an apartment, so stepping into my yard to get photos will no longer be an option.

Today I went to look at an apartment, and I am IN LOVE with it. It's the last unit left in a building near a university campus, and it must have been last because it's handicapped accessible. The toilet is very high and throne-like, and there are convenient handrails installed all through the bathroom. When Joe and I were  in the hall trying to get the door to open (it was sticky and stubborn-we almost couldn't get in!) we heard the theme song from The Big Bang Theory coming from the apartment across the hall, so that was a great sign. Though I only really enjoyed the first couple seasons, and Jim Parsons as Sheldon is the main reason Joe and I ever liked it, we still have a certain nostalgic affection for the show. We were kind of tempted to knock on the door and tell whoever was inside that they were cool.

In other news, I went to Goodwill on the way home, and MAJOR HAUL ALERT! I got two dresses, a sweater, a blazer, and a t-shirt for 26 bucks. It would have been closer to twenty, but one of the dresses was eight dollars and threw off my whole groove. I mean, really, that's a bit pricey for Goodwill. It's super cute, though, and I couldn't bear to part from it. Speaking of expensive, there was a really nice coffee table in the furniture section for seventy dollars! Excuse me, Goodwill but I can go to IKEA or Target and get a brand new one for about that price. The nerve!


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