Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Studious Sweater

Labels Consignment cardigan,  Pacsun dress, Charlotte Russe tights, Bass boots, Goodwill necklace

It's funny how unpredictable new wardrobe items can be. I almost didn't buy this cardigan because it does that annoying thing where the sleeves stretch out after I roll them up and won't stay put and I have to constantly yank on them all day. (Why don't you just leave the sleeves unrolled and avoid this problem entirely? you might ask. Heaven knows. I just like to roll them, OK?) But I went for it anyway, sold by the elbow patch detail. And now I love the cardigan, and I wear it too much and Joe says it's his favorite. And so I deal with the rolling and yanking. FASHION PROBLEMS, GUYS.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Blood Meridian and blood orange shoes

J Crew sweater, Gap jeans, Dolce Vita shoes, mom's necklace from high school

I fear this might be the only photographic evidence of me wearing these shoes for awhile. I want to wear them, truly I do, but they're so PRETTY and what if they get ruined or something? I'm overprotective of them, because they are so orange and suede-ey and pristine and I have no children or pets to moon over. 

Also, mini-review since I'm doing this thing now where I include the books I'm reading in my photos when I can. This one is Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. I've read and loved two other books by McCarthy, No Country For Old Men for it's perfect pacing and tension, and The Road for it's heartbreaking characters and gorgeous prose. I had high expectations, but Blood Meridian was impossible for me to get into. I am a completest and I read it cover to cover, but was underwhelmed. I know that many people love and admire it, though, so perhaps I'm in the minority.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hey. I got some shoes. What's up with you?

Zumiez sweatshirt, elephant shirt from a shop in Chester, NJ, Pacsun jeans, Bass boots, antique kitty pin, Bellegance bracelets, Peridot Boutique (Seattle Queen Anne District) earrings, Fendi glasses

I am slightly over the moon for my new Bass Perry boots...they look killer with jeans but I also love them with dresses. I'm not really sure what possessed me with a burning desire for colonial-inspired black booties, but they're going to be my new signature shoes. That is, if I can get over my fear of scuffing the toes, which seems to happen with every really nice pair of shoes I get within the first few wears.

Also...elephant shirt and kitty pin! The bracelets I'm wearing were made by one of my coworkers. He hand-knits them. I feel like I'm wearing tiny sweaters on my arm.