Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can't find enough pots and pans, let alone knives in my kitchen, to keep you cookin'

The past few months have been a flurry of life changes, and all of them have been welcome. Time and energy once spent on my blog, because I had no where else to funnel them, have been poured into two jobs and wedding planning (though the latter is being kept very low key as to avoid pointless stress). But I do miss posting. There have been a lot of great outfits seen only by those who happened to come across me in real life, completely unknown to the online world. After being mildly chastised by one of my bridesmaids for my long style blogging absence, I took to the trail this evening and brought along my camera to capture one of my favorite pieces I've ever thrifted.

I love the saturated turquoise color and latticed embroidery in this vintage top. It's one of those items I bought for my etsy shop and then decided I didn't want anyone to else to have. (Don't worry though, it's up in the shop despite my love for it.) I doubled up on vintage today with what I like to call my old man shoes because they look better with these shorts than anything else in my wardrobe, and here it's just now getting warm enough to venture out in bare legs. This is plainly evidenced by the absolutely blinding state of my winter-pale legs.

PS- Did you notice my haircut? You didn't? Well, I don't blame you. Though I got about three inches hacked off, it was getting so long before it's not so drastic of a change. The side fringe and layers have improved the overall look quite a bit, though. Not that you can tell in these photos, I've noticed just now I didn't manage to showcase my hair very much at all.

That's about all for now.

Vintage top, American Eagle shorts, dad's belt, vintage shoes from Value Village