Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beat the Beat

I got this little boys' size 6 blazer at Goodwill last week and I have been wearing it approximately 50% of the time since. I've missed posting, or even taking pictures, of most of those outfits, but here's one I did get.

This is the blazer I have been dreaming of. I have owned more than one black blazer, but since I have VERY slim shoulders, I end up settling for one that kinda fits, but is sort of big, and the arms are too wide, or whatever. A multitude of problems. But this one, since it is cut for a child, actually (wonder of wonders) fits in the shoulders, and the sleeves look intentionally three-quarter length. I can't close it comfortably, but I wouldn't want to anyway.

Look forward to this jacket being a fall staple. I love it here with my dress (also from Goodwill), and I can't wait to do skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and boots, as well as many other variations that will be awesome. 

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