Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In Which I Meditate On Pacsun, My Constant Frenemy

The same day I bought the skirt described in yesterday's epic saga, I also got this gorgeously teal-turquoise skirt from Pacsun. 

I've always had a love-hate relationship with Pacsun. On the one hand, they stock jeans in my size that come in short length for a decent price, and I can fit into a lot more there than in other stores since junior's sizes work best on my petite frame. On the other hand, they are so hit-or-miss style-wise. I have just come through about a year of exasperation with them over the preponderance of neon, plaid, and neon-plaid they insisted on stocking. I get it, the brand is very trend-based, and their items are meant to be more or less disposable. But their commitment to trend sometimes means nothing they offer suits my slightly more sophisticated late-twenties style. I'm sorry if I don't find hot pink and lime green cheetah-print hoodies an appropriate item for my lifestyle, but that's the way it goes. A fourteen-year-old is free to snap that up, but it's not for me.

So imagine my surprise to discover a few weeks ago that I suddenly want to buy everything Pacsun is stocking for fall. Rich colors, pretty patterns, sweet but simple dresses, and the skirt I'm wearing above.

It's just what I've been looking for lately--a great basic mini in bright but sophisticated color to supplement the black mini I have come to love and overuse. And it has the added bonus of the pleats and pockets, making it more interesting design-wise, though just as easy to style as a plain mini (tucked in t-shirt, leggings/tights, cardigan/jacket, done). The color means I can dress around it in neutrals and let it stand out, or mix with a bold top (green? pink? yellow?) on those days I'm feeling a bit more daring.

I was very excited to wear it to work today, and went around for the first few hours with an extra bounce in my step. Then on my lunch break I got cream cheese all over it and had to change.

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  1. We are like the phoenix!
    So glad you like our new look. Expect more from us like this :)
    xox PacSun Community