Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's not easy finding green (in my wardrobe)

I'll admit, I had no recollection it was St. Patrick's Day this morning. At some point I checked my Facebook and noticed some updates mentioning it, which I promptly forgot and went about my business. Still, I somehow managed to throw on a green cardigan before leaving the house this morning, so I guess my subconscious was looking out for me. In celebration, here's some pictures of me wearing green things.

I would make each picture a hyperlink if I was smooth and cool and fancy, but alas, I am not. Also, I tried captions but I couldn't do that and have two pictures in the same row. Isn't blogger lovely?

Green items are: 1. Old Navy button-up (on clearance) worn here. 2. Charlotte Russe top, which I apparently photographed but never posted. The blazer is from some store in California and also has green stripes in it. 3. Anne Taylor cardi from Goodwill worn here. 4. Secondhand skirt from Labels worn here. 5.Charlotte Russe tights I wear ALL THE TIME but specifically here. 6. Old Navy t-shirt worn here. 7. My grandma's scarf, she used to wear it in high school (and the tights again) worn here.

Is that enough content to appease you while I am too lazy to take photographs? Yes? Ok cool. 


  1. I totally forgot about st paddy's day too until I saw a group of green clad girls crossing my street. SHIT :-D Oh well, I never really take party anyway. I'm not Irish, so why should I? :-D your green outfits are lovely! my fave one is the one in the forest!

  2. Hi there! I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award! Here is the link so you can find out more about it!
    The award totally means that you're one of my favorite new bloggers!