Friday, February 11, 2011

We have to go back

I think I should name this rock Photo Shoot Point, since I keep going back to it this week. It's perfect in so many ways...within sight of the parking lot for days too cold for wandering down trails, picturesque, the lighting is always decent, and it's so mossy and magical. I promise to venture farther when the weather gets nicer, but I'm happy to have found a great go-to spot for now. 

I'm either getting better a the whole topknot routine, or my hair is more cooperative these days, because putting it up today was a breeze. For those of you who don't know, I'm trying out the whole no soap, no shampoo thing. It's been over a month, and while no soap has been no prob, my fine hair was getting super greasy and unbearable. So I did a couple of apple cider vinegar rinses, and it worked fabulously! I still sneak a bit of shampoo in the very front section of my hair now and then, but the vinegar took care of almost all the greasiness. I've enjoyed getting to wear my hair down without feeling totally gross the past week. But despite intentions to the contrary, today felt like a hair up kind of day after I finished getting dressed. I added a green vintage scarf my mom rescued (my grandma was selling it at a garage sale), and finished it off with two vintage clip-on earrings. It was an easy, simple way to spruce up my hairdo and add one more pop of color to my outfit.

Target cardigan, Billabong dress from Macy's, Charlotte Russe tights, Steve Madden flats from Famous Footwear, vintage scarf and clip-on earrings, Old Navy earrings


  1. You have the best tight collection ever! Also, those clip-on earrings are gorgeous. Very vintagey (that's not a word..)!

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.

  2. gorgeous photos, plus i love yellow and blue together :) x

  3. the colours in this outfit are fantastic! loving the look of those tights.

  4. These tights look amazing with the moss. Such a beautiful combo.