Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Putting a crimp in my style

I feel like a cheerleader in this outfit, though my t-shirt says "Palm Springs Croquet," and I'm pretty sure croquet doesn't have cheerleaders. I think the effect comes from the sporty shirt paired with this black dress worn as a skirt. I just got a fabric cutter, so I sliced off the bottom of what used to be a just above my ankle hemline. I did kind of a hack job, but thank goodness jersey fabric is forgiving so it's not too noticeable. The boots were necessary since these tights have several urgently growing holes in the toes of both feet. I'm thinking of chopping off the tops and bottoms and turning them into a sort of tights/leg warmers hybrid. 

These days I spend so much of my time holed up in my apartment, trying to work on a million ideas and projects that I hope can one day become profitable. Blogs, sewing, jewelry, vintage clothes, writing, fashion, style, reading...there's so much I want to do, and the luxury of time, but no money to help me out. I've found it's very slow and frustrating trying to get any income working from home without spending a bunch. My etsy store could be fully stocked and well advertised with a bit of capital to get it going. But I have to build from the ground up, without really knowing what I'm doing. Sure, it would be great to work part time and supplement my ventures, but despite my efforts and qualifications, the job search is going nowhere fast. The sun is already low at four in the afternoon, and though hours ripe with possibility for working stretch before me, I can't help but feel the day is fast ending and little has come of it. My new favorite quote helps keep me trying, though it comes from an unlikely source:

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  1. Chin up, my friend. There is truth in that quote, and there is hard work under your hood. You can do this. Just keep listening to those little whispers of inspiration and follow them to their end without delaying. Opportunities abound everywhere, as long as you're willing to keep trying the things you think up.

  2. I feel your pain. I really really do...