Friday, March 11, 2011

Throw it over

Many of my friends are still skeptical of the whole shirt tucked into a skirt thing, though I valiantly try to convince them of its merits. They also tend to yank skirts down to their hips, looking at me askance if I dare suggest the waistline should hit above their bellybutton. All this to preface that I wore my shirt untucked with a skirt today, and it was weird. Not insomuch that it looked wrong, but I felt as if I was betraying a steadfast guideline. Rest assured, I will be tucking away for a good stretch in order to realign my worldview.

Really old Wet Seal button-up, PacSun tank, Macys skirt, old black tights, Charlotte Russe green tights, vintage boots


  1. im loving the colour and pattern of your tights!!

    xxx christie

  2. Those are yet another pair of AMAZING tights! Love it. I always think it's weird when style evolves and the things your friends still wear on a consistent basis still just seem so... wrong. Like the trend of super low cut jeans/skirts, etc...

    xx Melina