Monday, January 10, 2011

You're Pretty Good Looking (for a girl)

It's my 200th post! Woo hoo!

Hm. I already regret saying woo hoo, but I'm going to leave it.

I thought I would commemorate this fine moment in what will surely become a beloved, lucrative, highly famous blog very very soon (pretty please internet?) with my very first remix post. If you've been in my archives at all, you've surely noticed a certain item of clothing that makes very frequent appearances. I am wearing it today, in fact, and just posted it a few hours ago. It's my black mini with the secret snakeskin print. It's not actually secret, it's just that the skirt looks plain black in some photos, but it has a slightly shiny texture/print of snakeish persuasion all over it. See?:

I apologize that this is essentially a close-up of my butt. It was the best example I could find.
I've seen a lot of remix posts, and honestly I don't always get what qualifies an item as often-worn for some bloggers. Sometimes it comes off a bit like, "Look how thrifty I am! I've had this skirt a WHOLE YEAR and I've worn it four times!!!! I r so cool yah." And in my mind I'm thinking...if I had something for a year and wore it four times, that would mean I should probably get rid of it since it's not getting enough use.

I hope you all recognize that I'm exaggerating a bit here. And I in no way mean to criticize any ladies out there doing remix posts. Personally, I've simply noticed a discrepancy between what I consider "wearing something all the time" compared to what other people mean by it. So, without further ado, here are some ways I've mixed my snakey skirt.

Here is is in it's first appearance on my blog, in my fourth-ever post. Go here to see it...and get a taste of how much my blogging style has changed.

My devious memory card made this one come out wonky, but I kind of love it. Circa June last year.

The first time I ever took an outfit photo outside. Also my first time wearing two belts. From August.

I had just gotten these blue tights, and was in the middle of moving into my current apartment. September.

I tend to go kinda casual with this skirt, but it has lots of fancy-dressing potential. This was November.

A History of the Skirt: It was a skirt at Macy's. My mom and I went shopping one day. I tried it on. She bought it for me. 

Fun Facts: 1.When I first got this skirt, I was just getting into more flowy, loose silhouettes, and tended to wear it with untucked t-shirts and cardigans. Now I more often go for a tucked in top. 2. My archives feature this skirt, by my count, 18 times. I estimate I've worn it at least twice as many times since last April, since I used to be pretty sporadic about picture-taking.

Thanks to everyone who's been with me so far, and I hope you'll stick around for the next 200 posts and beyond. U R so cool. I mean it!



  1. that skirt is super awesome D:

  2. just came across your blog, its super cute! i love it.

    wolves and sparklers

  3. Hahaha! I know what you mean! I think I'm such a pack rat because I can't get rid of something until I've worn it to shreds (which takes a while, I'm finding). More bloggers should take a cue from you!