Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I make awesome decisions in bike stores.

In this photo, the shoes are purely for styling suggestion purposes. I've spent the past couple of days watching 30 Rock on Netflix and doing this:

In case you're wondering, I'm doing art
This is the actual footwear I've been bumming around in:

Picture taking was horrific today. Many weird face shadows and not wearing makeup today related problems. Now here's some pieces of possible future art:

Value Village cardigan, Goodwill dress (Target brand), JC Penny tights, Payless Shoe Source shoes, Gap slippers


  1. Your choice is supe girlish dear <<< : >>> lovely blog


  2. I love the dress and the shoes! Haha your cozy shoes look very comfy. Nice collage, I love collages! They're so much fun :)

  3. I like both sets of shoes... but the slippers are adorable! And yeah, taking pictures indoors can be a chore sometimes. But I think these are fine!