Monday, January 10, 2011

Live every week like it's Shark Week

I've worn this exact outfit three or four times over the past couple of weeks, and I really wanted to document it since I never, ever wear sweatshirts anymore. Somehow I managed not to get any pictures on those occasions, so I intentionally wore it again today and went out in the freezing cold and got photographic proof once and for all. I'm coming around to the idea of hoodies lately after a several year long moratorium on them, but what I really want is one without any print or logos on it. This one I got long ago when I used to work at Old Navy. It's one of my few pink items, and the lion on the back is killer. Unfortunately, it's usually covered up by the hood, so I showcased it for you.

Speaking of Old Navy, I was noticing the intentional imperfections on the hem of this garment, and it reminded me of a story. Some customers will try all sorts of tactics to get a discount when you work in retail, as I'm sure many of you know. One day I was working at the register and a lady brought up a women's striped polo shirt with similar holes and fraying at the hem. It was the "look" back then, and obviously (to most people) intentional. This particular customer, for whom English was not a primary language, kept pointing at the holes and insisting she should be able to purchase it at a discount, since it was damaged. I'm not sure why she would want to buy/wear a shirt she considered visibly worn and holey, if she wasn't aware of it as a trend, but I'm pretty sure I spent about ten minutes trying to convince her the shirt was supposed to look like that. 

The snow that fell a couple of nights ago looks really pretty on the trees and such. Not so much on the grocery store and dumpsters. This is the best view I can get from my deck, though, so you'll look at it and you'll like it. 

Old Navy sweatshirt, Macy's skirt, old tights, Target clearance flats

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  1. Cute shoes! I think it's fun to do unusual things, like sweatshirts. Haha that lady who didn't understand the intentional ripping sounds hilarious! And the snow looks lovely (on the trees) :)