Sunday, November 3, 2013


Zumiez hoodie, Labels consignment dress, Bass Perry boots

Ah yes, nothing better than inside photos with questionable lighting that render the image quality to a laughable state. This is one of my gig outfits, and the first time wearing my new red lipstick out in public. I picked up a tube (not sure the name of the color, too lazy to find out right now) of the Kate Moss line by Rimmel on the recommendation of an article on xojane, and man was it spot on. It's got intense pigment, feels moisturizing, stays pretty well, and has a good balance between matte and shiny. Besides some minor experimentation in middle school and high school, I've never been into lipstick that much, but now that I'm thirty I feel like I should have a few shades handy, so I'm trying to build up my repertoire.

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