Friday, November 1, 2013

emerald city

Vintage top from Labels consignment, UO skirt, Bass Perry boots

I have to admit, these pictures are pretty lame. Which bums me out, because this top is one of the most amazing recent additions to my wardrobe, and I didn't capture it very well. It's a lovely, lovingly handmade vintage piece that is basically impossible to wear, a fact I was willing to overlook because of how ga-ga I went over it in the store. It's pretty cropped, a detail that means I am severely limited on options pants/skirts-wise. I'm not about to toss it on with some jeans and let the midriff hang loose, cause let's face it, I'm too old for that, and while I'm generally a tiny person I don't exactly have a six-pack under there. So option one is my faithful high-waisted pleather mini, which balances out the slight wideness of the top and contrasts nicely with the preciousness of the buttons and tiny little bow at the collar. I might try my mid-rise black jeans next time, or throwing it on top of a minidress.

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