Monday, November 4, 2013

To wear bleached denim or not to wear bleached denim?

American Rag jacket from Labels consignment, UO dress from Buffalo Exchange, Modsock socks. Bass Perry boots

I think we can all agree that denim jackets are always and forever in style, thought the permutations are many and varied. Years ago I had a dark denim one, which I eventually gave away and went to a medium wash that has gone through majors phases of disuse and overuse. The past couple of years it's done heavy rotation paired with dresses or colored/printed jeans (never blue jeans, I'm no Texas tuxedo girl) once I discovered that rolling the sleeves up gave it an updated, modern look. Then I came across this little piece on a trip to the best consignment store ever, where I've probably gotten almost half my wardrobe that past few years. I was hesitant, skeptical of the cap sleeve and bleached-out color. Was it too eighties, too dowdy, too off? I tried it on and stared in the mirror, unsure but feeling a gut impulse to get it. The general slouchiness of the cut seems to best compliment a slim silhouette, like this strapless dress or my skinny leopard-print jeans. And the playfulness of the jacket works well with the whimsy in my horse-printed socks (which are actually made of tights material).

Also, sorry about the hair, it's never dry before I have to leave for work.

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