Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The best sandals you will buy this one minor caveat

PacSun cardigan, Romy dress, Bass sandals

As warm weather approached this spring, it became clear to me that I was in desperate need of a new pair of sandals. I'd worn out every pair I owned, except for a boring pair of Teva flip-flops and my vintage espadrilles, which were out of commission (the soles kept separating and needed re-gluing). I had several requirements for an appropriate pair. First, they must be comfortable. I'm no stickler for arch support, and tend to wear flats all day every day even when working on my feet in retail. I've never had  issues with my feet, so I don't have to be particularly careful in my footwear choices. However, considering that I had literally no proper sandals in my entire wardrobe, I needed something that could function as a bit of a workhorse. 

My mind started to wander to a pair of sandals I'd owned and worn to death in middle school. Curious, I pulled up the Bass website to see if they still made the same style. Turns out, they do! The style is called the Margie, and while they look and sound a bit dowdy on the website, they've got amazing potential. They even come in silver, gold and rose metallic for those of you on board with this year's apparent trend of metal on any and every shoe ever. I went with the gorgeous cinnamon version (much browner and richer in person than they appear online), since they seemed the most versatile.  I love the black as well. They're pretty pricey if you go through the Bass website ($45 is a freakin fortune for someone who makes as little money as I do), but there are other options. The always reliable Zappos has them for about $35. If, like me, you happen to live near a Bass Outlet store, run don't walk your butt to that store, they often have INCREDIBLE discounts on shoes. I got my Margie's for $22.99, or rather my mom did since were on a birthday shopping trip for me. 

The great thing about the Margie is that it's very comfy, and perfect for lots of walking. In fact, this article popped up a couple of weeks after I got mine, making me feel awesomely fashion-forward and confirming my assertion  They look great with my dark skinny jeans and will be a staple for the long evening walks Joe and I like to take this time of year. Plus, they have a slightly hippie vibe that works well for me as a resident of the Pacific Northwest. I'm much more into a sort of masculine-inspired/girly dress-and-cardigan dichotomy than some of my more naturalistic peers, and it's rare to see me in anything that could be described as earthy. But I love these lovlies, and they get my wholehearted seal of approval, both in the categories of practicality and style.

One last thing...remember that caveat thing I mentioned in the title? Yeah, well there is one, though it's really minor and nitpicky, not serious enough to put me off. These sandals have great, comfy, squishy soles. But because of this construction, the way the sole sort of deflates and inflates as you walk, they make a slight whoosing sound every time you take a step. At first, it was only one, but now both of my sandals do this. No one else seems to notice unless I point it out, and though I can hear it clearly, that's only because I am hyper-aware of it. Maybe this is a dealbreaker for some of you, I don't know. I find it somewhat amusing, to be honest. 

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