Thursday, June 27, 2013

Color on Color

Value Village top, Old Navy camisole, Gap Kids shorts, Ralph Lauren shades, vintage some secondhand shop in New Jersey espadrilles, Village Books book

You know what goes great with obnoxious, summery, in-your-face color? More color. No, I don't mean some wimpy pseudo-neutral. Think MORE COLOR in ALL CAPS. Putting a bright blue vintage top covered in gorgeous stitching with plain old jeans would be a crime. And pairing sea green shorts with white or gray is a cop-out. I tend to fall into a dark/boring color palette in the winter, so when I'm feeling good on a nice sunny day I push myself with daring color or pattern combos, like this look. And of course, nothing makes a better accessory than a book, especially one that adds a bold punch extra color!

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