Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gig day

Labels/Old Navy tank, Buffalo Exchange/Flying Tomato jacket, Buffalo Exchange/Celebrity Pink jeans, Bass Perry boots, Goodwill necklace, Roxy watch
Now that my band is actually playing the occasional gig, I find I'm having a lot of fun picking out show outfits. I've had a very dress/cardigan based style going for quite awhile, but over the past couple of years I've started to incorporate edgier and more masculine-inspired pieces into my looks. Since our music isn't exactly acoustic or shoe-gaze, I want to portray a powerful, strong look without going too cliche with black and leather. Tonight I put together some contradictory pieces that ended up looking amazing. I've got nods to classic rock style with my black ankle boots, snug pleather jacket and bleached jeans (which I did myself with this tutorial). I threw on the bright floral tank because I just bought it today and wanted to see how it would look, and ended up loving the contrast. So fun, light and summery, and yet it fits right in! 

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