Thursday, June 21, 2012


Maurices cardigan, Value Village (Ralph Lauren) t-shirt, Goodwill skirt,
vintage Ferragamo oxfords, vintage scarf as a belt, San Diego Hat Company fedora

So I was getting dressed one morning, wearing this skirt and t-shirt, and figuring out what else to add, and saw this scarf in the bottom of my closet. I picked it up, wrapped it around my waist, looked in the mirror, and thought "why the heck not?" And then I put on the cardigan and hat and Joe saw my outfit and said [relevant info: we are in a band together] I was the last person he would expect to be in a rock band. 

Also, I'm sorry if your brain exploded when you saw me wearing this much brown and black, because I think maybe some people still believe that's not okay. But it IS okay, people. Neutrals like each other. Stop telling them they can't play together.

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