Saturday, June 16, 2012

The feels of summer

Vintage boy's shirt, Mudd shorts, vintage espadrilles, Roxy watch, Ralph Lauren sunglasses

There are certain atrocities I will never abide, no matter how persistantly they march on in the "style" lexicon. Leggings as pants when your shirt is above butt level. Uggs and Crocs. Spray tans. Ponchos. Oh, my nemesis the poncho.

But I'm probably guilty of getting on other people's style nerves sometimes, too. For example- when it's hot and gorgeous out, and I'm feeling summer feeelings, I can't help busting out my booty shorts. Luckily, I don't have much of a booty, so it's really not that scandalous. But, as a person nearing her thirties, should I even be allowed to own these? Maybe not. But that's not going to stop me.

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