Monday, May 28, 2012

Mixed Greens

Urban Outfitters coat, thrifted Gap t-shirt, Gap Kids shorts, vintage boots

Thrifted necklace, Fossil watch, Cookie Lee gifted bracelets
The feelings I feel about combining shades of green are, generally, the same feelings I feel about the edible kind of mixed greens. Mostly ambivalence, with a chance of great aversion, and every once in awhile wholehearted approval. Since styling these shorts has ended up being a tad more challenging than I orginally anticipated, though, I gave it a go.

Also, don't worry, I'm not choosing stylistically to slant my photos because it's supposed to look cool. I just decided to grab a few shots in the parking lot on my way home from work because it was getting dark out fast, and ended up just propping my camera on my car hood. I actually had to kind of open my wallet and stick it in the center because it wouldn't stay up by itself. People walking by were confused.

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