Tuesday, May 29, 2012

White dress, Gray Blet

American Rag cardigan, Romy dress, Kohl's sandals, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, vintage belt, Village Books book

If there's one word I constantly type incorrectly in a consistant way, it's belt. It just happened when I wrote in the above caption. In my mind I mean to move my fingers in an orderly fashion, B-E-L-T, but invariably it comes out and 'blet" the first time. And then I start thinking about what a funny word blet would be....hmmmm....

Okay, so curiosity got the best of me. Google tells me blet is indeed a word. According to freedictionary.com the definition is as follows: a state of softness or decay in certain fruits, such as the medlar, brought about by overripening

Yep, I'll be sure to start working that into everyday conversation post-haste.

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