Friday, April 1, 2011

We we we so excited

Well, Laurel, your wish is my command today. Last time I wore this shirt, you entreated me to keep it instead of selling it in my shop and style it many different ways. It's still for sale (here), but I am wearing it again, and very differently than I did last time. I'd like to introduce the news style phenomenon that I invented and will be sweeping the blogworld: lumberjack schoolgirl. The pictures turned out decent (despite torrential rain sequestering me to my deck for today's shoot), but in real life I feel kinda ridiculous. The shirt is much more voluminous than it looks, and it took a lot of tucking and rolling to appear normal-sized on me. Please, someone buy this who can do it justice and actually is the correct size. Cause it is awesome, and I have my eye out for something similar that will fit me. 

At least if people give me weird looks or comments, and are like "Are you serious?" when they see my outfit I can be like, "uh....Aprils Fool's! Gotcha! Hahaha like I would really dress like this." Even though secretly I would be ashamed because despite how strongly I was questioning my sanity as I got dressed today, I really do like the outcome. I just wish I had a pair of caramel-colored brown boots instead of black. And now I wish I had some caramel. Or salted caramel. And chocolate. And potato chips. What was I talking about?

Observe Stephanie in her natural habitat. Guitars I don't play, ugly couch, and BOOKS.

Have a great day everyone, and don't get April Foolzed! Remember, anyone who breaks up or gets engaged on Facebook today is really lame at pranks. And check out Hulu's 1996 homepage, and the dial-up tone that plays when you load a video. Might me my fave internet prank of the day!

Vintage Woolrich shirt in my store, secondhand skirt from Labels, Target children's section socks, vintage boots from Labels


  1. i really love the plaid mix going on in your outfit. Also, it looks even awesomer (is that a word?) with the plaid couch! eee!

  2. Ha ha you can just blame me if you get any weird comments, which you wont, BECAUSE YOU LOOK ADORABLE. I love how weirdly versatile this shirt is, for reals!

    PS change my link to my new site, please? I have a new site! It's ex-site-ing.

  3. I don't mind the pattern mixing, but that skirt is just hideous. You should throw it away.