Saturday, April 2, 2011

You used to be alright, what happened?

Okay, I officially can't be derisive or even ambivalent about tights under shorts anymore since I'm wearing it again, and I kinda love this outfit. I was foiled a bit by the inability to find shoes that hit the right note, and I'm a bit weary of returning to this boots again and again. Also the pictures came out kind of grainy. And it was raining too hard to go anywhere but my deck again. And boohoo. This lame post will be followed by another very soon full of amazing shots of some great dude style. And my tights are awesome, so poutiness officially over.

Guess cardigan from Labels, Target shirt, Kohl's shorts, vintage boots from Labels, secondhand pendant, Target tights


  1. Those tights! So awesome. And I really like those boots with this outfit. They toughen it up, especially next to the color and pattern of the tights.

    xx Melina

  2. super-nice boots!
    kisses, v

  3. Those are literally the ugliest tights I have ever seen. They should be worn by a two year old, not someone almost thirty. You should be embarrassed to wear them.