Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So no one told you life was gonna be this way

As much as I like this outfit, I have to say that a blue sky is the best accessory I could ask for. I've really missed it these past few months! It's shining presence begs bright bright colors and happy clothes. Though fifth grade me would be highly disapproving of my mixing of a pink shirt with a red cardigan. I can't help it...all former rules go out the window in my attempt to look as sunny as the sky. I've brought a bit of neutral in with the belt and shoes, but I did give my red flats and pink belt serious consideration first.

The last outfit I posted was the an uncontested hit, earning me more attention on chictopia and weardrobe than anything else I've ever posted. And the lovely white skirt was sold in record time. Tomorrow it will be on it's way to California. I'm a bit sad to see it go so soon, but I certainly welcome the money! I guess I'll have to use it to add in a couple new items, since I also recently sold a pair high-waisted pinstripe trousers. I feel just the slightest bit closer to being able to make a living off my thrifting and vintage obsessions. I still have lots of stuff in the shop, so click through the link on my sidebar to take a look!

American Rag cardigan from Macy's, Walmart t-shirt, Pacsun skirt, Target tights, Target shoes, vintage belt

Oh, and before I forget...thanks so much to Meganne at The Posh Pearl for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! Her blog is great, and not just because of her adorable bird-themed header. She always wears tons of bright color, has a great eye for pattern, AND she has the same skirt I'm wearing here in a different color AND she likes Radiohead. And I love all her shoes. So win-win-win.


  1. Ah the thrill of getting attention on chictopia! You certainly deserve it, and I certainly get sick of seeing the same people every day in the style gallery.

    Glad you be making some dough, too!

  2. lovely skirt :) and again - great colors!


  3. I'm loving the red on top and blue on the bottom.

  4. I really like it, so cute and comfy looking

  5. I really like all of the colours together and the shoes are lovely too.

  6. Nice! I love the red and pink; blue and navy! Love all the color!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies