Monday, March 21, 2011

How You Doin'?

I am in love with the colors in this outfit. Coral, mustard, caramel, sage and crisp white. I'm not sure if I feel like a cheerleader or a housewife in this skirt, but the pleats and stark whiteness demand to be contrasted with bright, pretty colors. It feels fun and feminine at the same a cross between a tennis skirt and a gown. After a couple of weeks wearing skinny jeans and t-shirts every day, putting on this outfit was like going home again. 

Target cardigan, handed-down tank top, vintage skirt available here, mom's old belt, vintage Lou Taylor handbag, Payless Shoe Source shoes


  1. perfect outfit!i'm in love with your skirt!!

  2. I plan to think about this skirt all day. You already know how I feel about mustard.

    Glad you've decided to grace the blogosphere with your presence again today!

  3. love this skirt. so gorgeous.

  4. fantastic skirt!
    love the colors of this outfit, great!

    kisses :)
    Watching the waves

  5. love the skirt! I recently thrifted one that looks like yours but with tan polka dots!