Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Grief

However frowned upon it may be to wear the same cardigan two days in a row when documenting both those outfits for a style blog, I've done it anyway. And once again, I flout the conventions of my former (more rule-oriented) self by pairing red with purple. I ended up wandering the trails for quite awhile, enamored of the beautiful weather, communing with birds that called from the trees and skittered about in the underbrush. And then, I welcomed again that spring phenomenon that always seems to slip my mind in the dark days of winter: allergies. I sneezed and sniffled, but it was relatively minor, and nothing could shrink my enthusiasm for a day that was so lovely.

American Rag cardigan, Target children's section dress, Betsey Johnson tights, vintage necklace, Blowfish flats from Ross


  1. whateva whateva I wear wha' I want! Preach it gurl.

    I probably wear the same 3 cardigans every day of the week. Gross, but cozy.

  2. amazing colour blocking. so cute.

    i'm following... follow back?

  3. You are super cute, and this is a fun blog! I'll be sure to follow. Check out mine too, it's new!! My first attempt at this thing called blogging, I've got three posts so far. Hope you enjoy.