Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I shall call him squishy, and he will be mine, and he will be my squishy

Yesterday, I had some time to kill at the mall. First, I bought a full-sized tripod (woo hoo! Taking pictures is a breeze now!) at Target. Then I rejoiced over the fact that swimsuits are in the stores again, not because I want to buy one or have any reason to wear one, but because their appearance means spring and summer really do exist and one day will come again. I also knew that if I took my time and looked very carefully, I would find one other item to buy along with my tripod. See, the thing about Target is, if you take the time, you can always find one major, irresistible, totally worth it deal. After browsing through women's clothing and a cursory look at several other departments (so many good shoes right now), I hit my favorite spot: the little girls' department. And sure enough, tucked away in the corner, at the clearance end of the socks and tights, I found these lovelies. Purple, knit, striped tights. They even have sparkly parts! I actually spent several minutes debating between purple and pink, because both were amazing. And the price? $1.98. I win at life.

Look! I'm wearing my coat for once!
A funny thing happened while taking my pictures today. I kept hearing a small, strong, persistent whack! sound a little ways away from me. On the way back to my car, I stumbled on this little guy, hammering away at an old electrical pole. As you can see, he's made some pretty major dents! I walked by slowly and carefully, managing to get pretty close. I'd say at one point I was around 5-7 feet from him. Nature is cool and stuff!

The first picture is with my camera fully zoomed, the second is with no zoom at all.

American Eagle cardigan, PacSun skirt, Target tights, Old Navy shoes, necklace I've had since 2nd grade with mom's pendant from high school


  1. I just recently found your blog through weardrobe! I had to divy out this Stylish Blogger award, per "the rules" and because you are super neato torpedo, I decided I should give to you. *your welcome*
    I am a new follower, and I am excited about it, cause, wow.



  2. This must be the most amazing post ever. First of all, I adore your title. Secondly, those tights are incredible! I'm not sure I'd ever be able to find anything in that department that fits me, but I will have to search from now on!

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.

  3. i love this outfit! pops out in a good way! bold and daring!

    theresa :)