Thursday, February 3, 2011

When you're in your little room, working on something big...

I haven't worn Old Faithful (that is, this supremely versatile and remixable skirt) in almost a whole month! I think I've been passing it over because it really is too easy to style. I almost feel guilty about throwing it on with a t-shirt and cardigan, because then I look casual and chic and like I actually thought more than 2 seconds about this whole outfit. As a sort of amends, I did wear my houndstooth tights and striped sweater together. Pattern mixing, amirite?

Joe is in class right now, and I'm hanging by myself in his apartment, which gives me the perfect opportunity to show you around. Since his room is about 12x12, there's not much so see spacewise. But he's used what little space he has so well, and we both really love his little room. When we talk about being married and having our dream house/apartment, we're not pining for sprawling mansions...just a big, open space and some cool art on the walls. We can't wait for the days when we can trade posters for canvases, carpet for concrete or laminate, my tv for a really good projector....and I for one am ditching my weird old handed-down couch for something more like this pullout sleeper Joe has:

Where do you dream about living someday?

Pacsun sweater, t-shirt gift from old roommate's trip to NY, Macy's skirt, Target tights, vintage boots

P.S. The White Stripes have broken up. Sadness.


  1. Where to live... I wanna live in a metropolis that is living... I'm tired of the deadness that is Detroit. Need somewhere new!! I love you posing with the posters, you all are looking in the same direction! (well kinda) You look very cute! And casual! The best of both worlds.

    Sparrow & Urchin

  2. portland is where i shall be!

    i love this post.
    especially your boots and the random bits of radiohead and fightclub memorabilia.

    Love and Such,

  3. I really love getting your comments on my blog so I thought I'd stop by and return the favor. Your blog is beautiful! Weardrobe and Chictopia really don't do it a justice. One of these days I'll sit down and go through all your archives, like I like to do when I read blogs, but sadly today is not that day. best of luck with everything.

  4. I really want a tiny but efficient apartment, primarily furnished in Ikea and Thrift store finds. I would put my own art work on the wall to make me feel important. OH, and all this in NYC. Ha.

    speaking of which. I like your shirt.

  5. I love this outfit. You look great. And the boy's space looks cozy and cool.

    I dream about living EITHER in NYC in a teeeny tiny little place that would FORCE me to be in the city all the time or back in my hometime so I could be close to family & friends. I'll take either. :)

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  6. the pictures are great and love your outfit in the post.