Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I ate everything in the minibar while you were asleep.

It's one thing for a holiday to take away some of our most promising color combinations. Already we are discouraged by tradition from wearing red with green, orange with black, or red, white and blue. But I refuse to let fast food and condiments keep me from pairing red with yellow. Let's face it: these two colors look awesome together. You can bring up McDonald's or ketchup and mustard all you want, I am still going to stand by this necklace choice. 

I'm almost never influenced directly by outfits I see other bloggers wearing, but after I saw Annabeth in this getup I couldn't get the red sweater/shirtdress combo out of my head. So getting dressed was actually a breeze this morning, since someone else essentially picked out my outfit. I went a different way with the shoes, which are open-toed, ensuring you would all be witness to the growing hole in my black tights. Well, actually you never would have known except I took a picture to show you and made sure to point it out. Isn't it part of being a blogger to wear your holey tights as if it's on purpose, and chuckle sympathetically when a normal person mentions it because, well, they just don't understand? Oh, I have a rip you say? Silly misguided citizen, I am above caring about such pedestrian trivialities! 

This is me not caring
New York and Company handed-down sweater, Labels consignment dress, old holey tights, Candies heels from Kohl's, vintage necklace from an antique store


  1. Your point about taboo color combos is SO TRUE. Red and green are two of my favorite colors, and they look great side by side, but everytime I wear them, I feel like I'm ripping off Christmas. PISH POSH! I'm glad you went for the red/yellow combo.

  2. I'm totally flattered! Love your take on the look, very prepster cute! I just throw together any type of color or print really, haha, and I always have holes in my tights too but I never feel like it's cool. I just feel very messy :D

  3. I love the shoes, the whole look is awesome.


  4. These heels are so cute and I definitely love the contrast between the red and the yellow of the necklace! Fast food establishment be damned, it's cute!

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.

  5. You're the second blogger in a row who's rocking the condiments today. Did you see Jan from Aerograms from Jan with her tights/shoes combo too? You ladies really make me want a hot dog.

  6. You're too cute! Yours doesn't look like condiments at all! It just looks awesome. Adoring that yellow necklace (I'm kind of in love with yellow accessories lately - and yours is vintage to boot - accessory envy over here!!!)

  7. This look is great!! I love the combo! It is so easy to throw on in the morning! And I totally didn't think mustard and ketchup, I just really liked the look :) Love the location of your pictures!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  8. I love that you featured a hole in your tights, where most people would try to act like it wasn't there. That's REAL, and I like that in a blogger. Also, I struggle with the whole holiday color combo thing, and the red/yellow issue is one that irks me too. McD's has ruined it for us! But I say damn the golden arches, yellow and red have been around a lot more than Ronald McDonald! So thanks for stepping up and defying the red/yellow combo rule because I have a red dress and a yellow cardi that were made to go together.
    By the way, this location and these photos are great.

  9. I really like your outfit and the scenery! Very beautiful! And the cheetah hells are a fun touch.

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  10. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing shoes!! And bravo for taking back what is clearly a wonderful color combo. A collective, "thank you" from the bloggy community!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  11. You are so precious! And you definitely pulled this look OFF! Lovin' on your heels!

  12. Love yellow & red together and you have made it work! I am also loving those adorable animal print shoes -so FAB. Yay, to breaking rules. xx veronika