Monday, January 31, 2011

Love's not a competition, but I'm winning

Did anyone else absolutely hate January? It's trying to redeem itself by gracing us with sunny (and totally freezing) weather, a nice contrast to almost constant rain and dreariness. But I for one am glad to see the end of it. 

I managed to have one of those magical epiphanies while getting dressed this morning that allowed me to utilize not one but TWO difficult pieces I love but can never figure out how to wear. The first is this pretty floaty pink button-up that is a bit boxy untucked, too short too tuck into jeans, and simply doesn't go with any of my skirts (or so I thought). The second is a pretty floaty white beaded skirt that is rather too big. I ended up loving the combo once I belted the skirt up to make it high-waisted and paired it with the button-up. Unfortunately, I was so distracted by lighting difficulties and freezing cold, hand-numbing temps that I was unaware my skirt had loosened and was hanging to my knees in most of my pictures, and the waistline had dropped below my belt on one side. Grrrrr.  At least the first picture shows what I was going for! I think I'll try this combo again once warmer weather lets me go without tights, and I can feel my fingers (which is helpful when trying to adjust one's skirt and belt).

American Eagle button-up, mom's old belt, Wet Seat skirt, old tights, Steve Madden flats


  1. gosh you must've been freezing your ass off!!! This combi is really cute though, perfect for spring. Go you for being inventive with your wardrobe!

  2. Pretty pictures girl! And I have an Aunt Kaki (Cathy)!

  3. It looks lovely how you styled it. I have a few blouses like that, that only works a certain way.

  4. The weather has been the same here! ugh it's the worst! I really love your color combo in this, so pretty.