Monday, January 3, 2011

Uhhh...something. Yeah.

I wish I had a full size tripod, because there are so many potentially cool photo spots out here behind my building. I end up having to take really low angle shots, or balancing my camera in weird places. 

I'm not sure how I've managed to get outside pics the past couple of days, since it's been inappropriately cold to go out in my coat and scarf-less getups. I don't really notice the temperature since I'm distracted figuring out where to stand and what to do and trying not to get noticed by anyone who manages to drive/walk by.

I wanted to make sure you all saw my vintage necklace. Every time I wear short, beaded necklaces like this I feel that it adds a certain housewifey vibe to my outfit, even if the rest of what I'm wearing is completely different. By the way, sorry about my hair. 

And since I've been rambling on about my new coffee table, here it is! Usually there are laptops and mugs and such on it, but it's cold in my apartment and I'm holed up in my bed to conserve heat and also I'm lazy. Back to my coffee table, though, the drawers extend the whole width of it, so you can open it from either side! And I love that there's a shelf-type spot under that surface so I can display/store stuff without having it be in the way on the top. 

Are any of you guys furniture nerds like me? Joe and I love fantasy shopping for our future house with our fantasy future riches. For now most of my pieces are cobbled together secondhand or mass-produced items from discount chain stores. The coffee table is from, and the couch is a hand-me-down from my aunt and uncle. I have Ikea shelves that were left by family friends in an apartment I used to rent, another shelving unit made by my dad from the doors of a closet organizing unit from Home Depot, and a dresser and nightstand from Fred Meyer. My TV stand is actually a fish tank stand I bought on clearance at Petsmart, deeply discounted because it was the display unit. A cabinet in my bathroom is the bottom section of a glasses display case that used to be in a ophthalmology clinic (it has the Banana Republic logo on it, and it's one of my favorite pieces). I could go on in this vein, but I'm sure it's not very interesting, so I'll stop now.

Old Navy cardigan, Target tunic, Buffalo Exchange jeans, Kenneth Cole Reaction ankle boots


  1. I visited my couch at the store about four times before I bought it. I was obsessed. If only I had the patience to visit everything that much before I bought it! I love your cuffed jeans. Cute!

  2. The boyfriend and I just blew our coffee table fund (we have a piggy bank we contribute to for household purchases) on him taking the GRE. He'd better score well, because I had a nice table picked out. Great look too btw. I love the housewife touch to the preppy chic look.

  3. just came across your blog. i love it! this outfit is amazing, and congrats on your new table haha. hope to talk with you soon!

    wolves and sparklers

  4. I love your coffee table. After describing you other furniture, I want to see pictures of them now. One of the things I'll be excited about when I finally move out, getting to decorate my own place. :)

  5. WOW.. I can't BELIEVE you took these without any help...awesomeness! I couldn't begin to do hat goes off! Love your shoes girlie!

  6. i absolutely love your shoes!! btw thanks so much for commenting!

  7. First of all, soo cute!! I love your whole outfit, the blazer and oxford shirt make it kind of preppy but I like the chic, edgy heels. I think your pics are great, don't worry about not having a tripod because I don't have one period. (I rely on tables and chairs and sometimes my brother). And also, your coffee table is great, and I'm a furniture nerd too! Yay! I love how you described all the objects in your home, I think your furniture sounds amazing. I used to draw myself "dream rooms," and a few years ago my parents actually let me re-do my room! I've got an Ikea dresser, bookcase, and bedside table, a comforter from Linen's & Things, pillows I hand-sewed, a couch that was upholstered as a community service project but inmates at a prison...I could go on but it would be boring. Anyway, awesome blog!

  8. Item 1: I love your booties.

    Item 2: I spy the book "Blankets," one of my favorites. Points to you.