Monday, January 3, 2011

We Wear Scarves

Joe and I went for a walk yesterday to the nearby college campus, and it was terribly cold out so we took the chance to duck into a couple of the buildings to warm up. This particular one is brand new, and had a sign on the door warning all who might dare enter that the floor was freshly waxed and not be be tread upon. To be fair, we did test the finish and determined it was sufficiently dry before we chose to ignore the sign completely. And those floors sure were shiny. Just take a look at this:

Also, these shots finally gave me the chance to show you the coat I got for Christmas. I found it on a shopping trip with my mom and grandma to a nearby outlet mall. It's Anne Taylor, and while the original price was $180, the outlet price + sale price took it down to eighty flat. Not too shabby, eh? And the best part is that it's an XXS Petite, meaning it fits pretty well and the sleeves actually fall at a reasonable place on my arm. I've gotten so used to coat sleeves coming down to my knuckles that these actually felt strange to me at first.

Joe and I are on a constant search for a decent band name for when he starts looking for band members, but he's super picky. So usually we just throw out weird or silly things that we know are bad, but make us laugh. I can't tell you how many times one of us will say something random in conversation, and the other will respond "That's what you/I should name the band" or just "band name." Yesterday's reject was We Wear Scarves. Other previously rejected names include Grown Baby, Headfoot, Chair, Busy People, Sad Girl, Sad People, Girl People, and Seth Rogan's Laugh.

Anne Taylor Outlet coat, Fossil scarf, Charlotte Russe jeans, Target socks, Labels consignment vintage boots


  1. that's a great deal you got on this coat! i love these photos too.

  2. I often think about bandnames! I always wonder how bands with real good bandnames found their names :D
    thanks for your comment!

  3. The boots are cute =X Ahhh...I remember when I was a band. Lol. Good old days.

  4. Awesome coat! I have yet to take pics of mine that I got for xmas...

    BAND NAMES!! Woot woot! Kyle and I go back and forth, my current favorite is "Bobby Mageek".

  5. I have to say my favorite rejected band name of yours is Seth Rogans Laugh. He does have a distinguishing laugh, plus there's something about him that I find appealing.