Sunday, January 9, 2011

Disclaimer: this post is totally unrelated to fashion

Yesterday Joe and I went back to our hometown to get in some decent practice for our upcoming show. We have been running through our set pretty much every day, but since we both live in apartments I can't sing the way I need to without really annoying anyone in an adjoining apartment. A friend let us use their house for practice and then we popped into a local coffee shop/pottery painting establishment where another friend works for an improptu practice show in front of about four or five people. We killed time walking around town, and found some funny items in an antique mall. Including a creepy doll (it was two or three feet tall)...

And this supposedly "antique" Space Jam cookie jar. And yes, careful observer, your are correct. That price tag does indeed say $85.

Then we hung out at the coffee shop until our friend Joe got off work. I know, it is very confusing and inconvenient of me to have a boyfriend AND a friend named Joe, but it can't be helped. 

Friend Joe was telling us about a girl who came in that day that was so beautiful that she made his heart beat faster, and we chastised him for not talking to her. Turns out, she had been painting a mug and didn't finish, so she left it there to finish another day. So he left this note in the mug for her to find.

This is him reading the note aloud to me, Joe, and our friend Kirk (I'm totally sure he won't mind me posting this, even though I didn't ask if I could):

This is Kirk writhing on the ground, overcome by the awesome/awkwardness of it. 

Friend Joe wasn't going to leave his phone number on the note, but after some cajoling he relented. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? Probably nothing, but he gets Awesomely Sweet and Kinda Dashing Guy of the Day Award in my book.


  1. That's cute! Plus he was polite about it. :) Hopefully the lucky girl does read it and something happens cause of it.

  2. Ohhhhhh my adorableness. That is killer. I got some pretty precious notes in my day, but this? There's no point in comparing. =)

    (PS - I found your blog through Clothed Much's Rule Breakers thing. I'll be back for more, though, promise. =)