Monday, January 24, 2011

I want to go to there

The slightly tilted composition in these photos represents my feelings of insecurity and imbalance in an uncertain world. The path is my future, and the fact that I'm standing off the path means I am unwilling to begin the well-traveled journey to adulthood and responsibility.

That, or my camera was on an uneven surface.

When I wore this dress on Thursday, I knew I had to break it out again for the show I was going to play on Saturday night. I had been pretty uninspired and unsure about what to wear, but the polka-dots and full skirt were the perfect mix of girly, unfussy and classic, and there was nothing trendy or trying-too-hard about it. Joe and I opened for our friends' band with a quick acoustic set. It was the first time I'd ever played any of my original songs in front of an audience. It went pretty well, but afterwards I almost felt like it didn't happen. Time flies when you're on stage! I love singing and performing, so though it's nice to be done for now, I hope someday to have a band or at least a chance to do some songs again.

The rest of my weekend was pretty boring. Today it's pouring rain so I just went with jeans, but I'll try to muster the energy to take a quick pic. And the polka-dot dress will be retired for awhile now. Don't forget, you can buy it from my etsy store here! I promised it will be freshly laundered.

Goodwill cardigan, Pacsun cami, vintage dress, mom's old belt, JC Penny tights, Kohl's wedges


  1. I want to go to there too. And will, in June. I'm going to Portland for my 10 year college reunion because I'm old and full of nostalgia.

    I hope that by then I have a polka dot dress to wear because then MY uncertain future would be brighter.

  2. I love ur shoe and ur outfit looks cute!

  3. this is so pretty!! great job in how you styled it too!!