Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Smile like you mean it

American Eagle handed-down cardigan, dress from California, old tight, Payless Shoe Source heels, vintage earrings

When I started this blog, it was for me. I just wanted to keep track of my outfits, and maybe try to be a little more creative with my clothes. Slowly, over time, it evolved and I started seeking out other blogs, improving my posts, taking better pictures. I started to imagine that a creatively-based life was possible. That one day I could perhaps make a living off my passions. It all started with one dimly-lit photo on a mostly-blank web page. 

If you just take one step towards your dreams, and keep on walking, it's amazing how everything changes. You will find inspiration. You will find courage.


  1. Your hair is abolutely lovely and I really love the dress! You look beautiful!

  2. Cute dress! I love the nature scene in the background. Your hair is also amazing, if I were a better braider I would love to be able to do that :)

  3. well you've definitely lured me in! your photos are SO pretty! and I always love the little details! I love that youre venturing outwards now too!!

    i had to pass this on to you :) i love your blog!

  4. Gorgeous hair! You look so pretty here! Your background shots are great too! Quite handy with the tripod :)

  5. I love the outfit and love your hair! I wish my hair would do something other than a ponytail.