Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I SAW 41 OWLS ON THE WAY HOME. This is big. Huge.

Have any of you ever wondered where I get my weird and random titles from? Today's is brought to you by one of my favorite new discoveries, I have literally read every submission they have. And the owl mention is oh so appropriate considering my shirt today. (Originally I was going to call this post "Owl always love you." Better? Worse?)

I needed something to spice up my uber-simple outfit today, so I'm breaking out the fuzzy boots. I only allow myself to wear them during the months of November through February, and they've been pretty highly ignored this year, so I decided to give them a spin. Also, my shirt was not only a Goodwill find, but my old roommate actually bought it and I once intentionally went into her dresser to find it and then never gave it back. If you're reading this, Tori, I still plan on letting you borrow the gray purse and I'm giving you my black knit hat so s'all good, right? 

I know how popular owls are right now, so here's a close-up of the print, which is actually raised velour that feels nice when you touch it. Also, no one is allowed to touch it but me, cause that would be weird. 

Thanks to all my commenters and my slowly growing number of followers. Remember, owl always love you!


Guess cardigan from Labels (consignment), Roxy t-shirt from roommate's drawer from Goodwill, Celebrity Pink jeans from Buffalo Exchange, Report boots for Christmas years ago, $5 Pike Place Market leather bracelet


  1. oh how i loved YOUR silly title idea. and that shirt is amazing!

  2. I like the title you picked very catchy and I am loving your boots. Those are the kind of boots you need when it is freezing outside. Very casual/chic outfit!

  3. Man, wouldn't it have been cool if you HAD seen 41 owls?

  4. well, the alternative title is certainly...punny.

    The shirt is awesome! If my roommate had it I would steal it from her too.

  5. That shirt is adorable and I absolutely love your boots! They look fantastic and cozy at the same time. That's a win in my book.

    xx Melina

    .but i like it.