Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winning is Everything

Today at one in the afternoon I was making French toast in my bathrobe while watching 30 Rock on Netflix. Sorry, no photos to document my oh-so-productive morning. But I did get dressed just after that. Took about 3 shots outside before it became clear that it was too dark out and the wind was making my hair stick to my lipgloss.

I'm usually not the world's most adventurous dresser, at lease not by blogger/fashion industry standards. But today I give my outfit a six or seven on the weird scale. Green, purple, blue, suede on suede and yet ANOTHER Hot Topic t-shirt. I'm not sure what it is, but lately I've been hitting my stack of graphic tees pretty hard.

Any other children of the eighties out there who watched Jem ? Once in high school two of my friends and I went as Jem and the Holograms' evil nemesis band, The Misfits, for Halloween. Sample lyric to one of their songs: "Mischief, we're makin' mischief, makin' mischief. Yeah, we're really makin' mischief!"

We wore these exact outfits. I'm not much of a seamstress, but I did fashion a giant cotton zebra-print nightgown from Value Village into a skirt and collar for myself (I was Pizzazz, the green-haired one), and another collar for "Stormer" blue-hair on the right. We had the wigs, the weird face makeup, everything. Down to the one lime green sock Pizzazz would wear, though it's not pictured here. 

May I recommend the "List of Jem characters" wikipedia entry to any and all? Makes me think the writers/creators were most certainly on some kind of drugs. Though it's kind of making me reconsider my "I'm not having kids" stance, just so I could have a daughter and name her Jerrica (like Erica, but with a J). It also informs me that a later addition to The Misfits was named "Jetta." Which is, unfortunately, no longer edgy or villanous sounding, but fortunately, is hilarious.

Goodwill Anne Taylor cardigan, Hot Topic t-shirt, secondhand Wilson's Leather skirt, Target tights, Target boots


  1. GEM! Yes! I had a Gem doll which was always irritating because she was a few sizes bigger than my Barbies so she only had one outfit. But she was the most badass one.

    I think if I saw you on the street I would probably compliment your outfit today.

  2. i once lost and entire afternoon to a jem and the holograms website. a wonderful afternoon. and i love graphic tees with skirts.