Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I know that I'm a mess that he don't wanna clean up

Sometimes I start to feel a bit strange about the topics of my blog posts. It's all, this is where I took my pictures today, blah blah blah, here's some stuff about my outfit, yada yada yada. It starts to feel a bit narcissistic after awhile. But when I read other blogs, I am usually pretty interested in that stuff, so maybe I'm being overly self-conscious. At any rate, I'm going to split the content of today's post between myself and an unrelated topic that interests me. First thing first, bored with the normal locations and in possession of a rare profusion of daylight, I stopped off for an outdoor photo session. The dress is actually much longer, I folded down the top part and hiked the skirt up, turning it into a neckline. I've done this a couple of other times, here and here.

In other news, have you heard that Starbucks is releasing a new size called the "Trenta"? A lot of people are calling it overkill, since it holds 916 ml, and the average stomach is only 900 ml. But to give a little perspective, it's about 31 oz, which is smaller than the large size at most fast food restaurants. I personally think all drink sizes are out of control, and Joe and I frequently chuckle when we order a "small" beverage and are handed a cup so big I could probably stick my whole foot into it. Of course, it's my theory that Starbucks and all other coffee shops in the US are pulling one over on us with the iced drinks. I'm pretty sure that each cup contains the exact same amount of liquid, and they just proportionally increase the amount of ice to fill in the extra space. 

There is one personal perk I'm looking forward to with the nationwide release of trenta-sized cups in May. Since the tap water where I live is pretty gross, Joe and I often order a venti water whenever we stop at Starbucks and sip it for the rest of the day. Now that I'll be able to get a trenta water, the free delicious water will last me 400 ml longer.

Blazer from Goodwill (boy's size 6), Ross dress, Betsey Johnson tights from Ross, Target boots, mom's old belt, Guess purse (Christmas gift)


  1. I love your dress mixed with the purple tights!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Stunning outfit and location! Love the purple tights. Here! Here! on the iced coffee conspiracy theory. And free trenta water is perfectly within my budget. We all need to drink more good, clean water each day! Bring it on, Starbucks! Great post, Steph.

  3. I think the larger size is sooo silly...I can hardly down a small drink of anything as it is.
    I love your bright tights with this outfit

  4. This look is so cute! I totally adore those tights and the blazer really pulls it all together. This location is really amazing! I'm jealous that you're near this type of environment!

  5. I feel that way sometimes too (about the narcissism in fashion blogging). This location is amazing! I'm a sucker for moss & forests. And I LOVE your tights. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It sounds like we have similar tastes ;)


  6. Whoa, get a load a' them bendy trees! That's dynamite! (... not literally.) What a great location. I'm feeling inspired to venture into the wild myself, now. Fantastic pictures!

  7. Love those trees in the background! I am also loving the dress and the tights :) I tend to not even mention the outfit a lot of the times in my post then look back after I publish it and go "Oh yeah...." :P

    lol I would never drink that much Strabucks, but I do consume over 48oz of coffee a day :/