Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's the nuts of the tiger, the ennui of the fight...

For those of you who read my 5 random facts post, you know I am in the midst of a no-shampoo experiment. My hair is reaching maximum grossness after about a week and a half without shampoo or conditioner, and though I vow to push through in hopes the promised future improvement/magical non-greasiness, for now I am forced to use braids and updos to disguise the increasing unpleasantness which is my current hair. I plan to implement another baking soda application this weekend, since it helped a lot last time. 

Meanwhile, today's post is brought to you by an evening spent in Joe's apartment. Consider this a tour, since this the entirety of the space he alone has access to. His building is dorm-style, and he shares a bathroom with one other person and and kitchen with three. Note the plethora of highbrow poster art and the cool retro sleeper couch from Urban Outfitters. And my can of Mucho Mango, which despite being labelled quite clearly as 99 cents actually cost 67 cents. WhhaaaaT? Yep, I totally scored. I even treated myself to an additional can of lemon iced tea.

Here I am drumming. I'm totally good and stuff. 

Nope. Not. I suck actually.

Target cardigan, New York and Company top, Celebrity Pink jeans from Buffalo Exchange, vintage boots from Labels (consignment)


  1. So I tried joining the "no 'poo" movement and couldn't handle it. I was fortunate enough to hear about shampoo bars and I totally love them! They are all natural, so your hair isn't getting stripped by harsh chemicals. I don't need conditioner anymore, even in the dry winter months. The site I order from will give you suggestions based on your hair type. I also started buying their regular soap and use it on my face; my 27 year old skin has never been clearer.

    Here's the site, if you're interested:

  2. wow, go you for persevering in not washing your hair, haha! I tried it once when my hair was supershort, but it just got smelly after a while. I think girls with pinstraight hair like mine can't go long without shampoo, whether they like it or not! I use dry shampoo in between washing, but that's as crazy as I get. I'm a coward.

  3. I'm impressed with the hair thing. I'm trying not to wash mine as often (it is DRY, DRY, DRY!) But a week and a half is impressive! It kind of reminds me of the time in China where I grossed my team mates out by wearing the same skirt for entire week. Ha!
    I love the yellow sweater! And thanks for linking up over at Of Such is the Kingdom! Be sure to come back next Wed. for another link up!

  4. sounds like a trip to jamaica is needed... and you could fit right in with the hair thing, well Hi!!!

    cool blog...