Friday, April 15, 2011

Dude Style: Part Three

He's back. Yep, it's Joe again. And not only is he wearing a rather glorious brown grandpa cardigan, but he's paired it with a pale yellow cable-knit sweater. Honestly, I cannot decide which is more resplendent. And the double sweater action? Totally his idea. Our aim in shooting this ensemble was to highlight the fancy boots, because we both loved them. Honestly, every guy should have a pair in his wardrobe.

It was kind of funny having Joe hang out with us, since he and my fiance have the same name. I almost never call my Joe by his name, usually we just call each other "hon," but having both of them around caused a few minor confusions. I think most of us have to deal with these sorts of multiple friends with the same name issues, and resolve them in various ways. Back in high school my group had a girl named Erin and another girl named Eryn. Inevitably, someone would call to Erin and Eryn would answer, and the person would say "no, not you." So she started referring to herself as Eryn No Not You. And answering to it. Not the most elegant of solutions, but hey, it worked for us.