Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love's Old Song

I love the dotty print and floaty skirt of this vintage dress. I bought it for my shop and listed it, but I'm kind of secretly glad no one has bought it yet. So far I've only been able to wear it layered under a cardigan, but today I was imagining myself bringing it on my honeymoon and unleashing its full sundress glory on southern California. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll be disappointed if someone else snaps it up...I've had my time with it, and would be happy to see it go on to another home. (Though Joe doesn't quite agree...when I told him someone might buy it he said very definitively "No. Wear it on our honeymoon.")

I've always gone with a feminine heels and sweater combo with this dress, but as I'm currently making my way through My So-Called Life on Netflix, there's a great temptation to go the flannel shirt and Doc Marten boots route. Since I don't own any appropriately grunge-era boots, I'll never get to pull it off. It's just as well, anyway. Being engaged in in my twenties doesn't lend itself to a style most at home on moody teenagers drowning in ennui and unrequited infatuation. Also, embracing grunge means I might have to consider allowing overalls back into my life. I've made that mistake before, friends, and I rather hope never to make it again.

Nordstrom cardigan, vintage dress here, vintage belt, New York and Company wedges, vintage necklace


  1. Your cardigan is such a pretty color. I absolutely LOVE the polka dot dress. (I'm totally into polka dots right now!) Such a cute look!

  2. Oohhh, I love the polka dotted dress! Not to take sides, but I feel like it would be PERFECT for southern California. Especially with those adorable wedges!

    xx Melina

  3. I really am not quite sure how I stumbled upon your blog. Never the less, I love your fashion sense and find it quite entertaining. All this talk about west coast grunge is lost on me as an east coast college boy. However, the term 'hip' does come to mind and I hope, at least, that you find that endearing.