Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh hai

I spent the last week doing a whole lot of not much, hanging around watching Bones and ignoring my library book which is due tomorrow...then I was like, didn't I used to have a blog or something?

On Friday Joe and I got to see Black Swan, as it got a wide release and came to the theater a block away from my apartment. I certainly can't give it a blanket recommendation to anybody, since it's a tough, gutteral, creepy, intense, and rather disturbing film. But Joe and I both loved it and want to see it again soon. I didn't really see many movies in the theater this year, as there was a dearth of quality content, so I hope it doesn't diminish the impact when I say it was my favorite film of the year. Of course Inception and The Social Network were both excellent and thought-provoking, with clearly visionary screenwriters and directors. But the fierce performances in Black Swan and its portrayal of ballet, of all things, as sinister while ultimately beautiful, will probably stick with me longer. And my immediate desire to see it a second time speaks to it's effectiveness and depth. I'll warn you, it's been categorized as a psycho-sexual thriller, and while there is more to it than that, it's a fair description of at least the second half of the film. You will cringe, gasp, and probably avert your eyes from time to time. I do have to commend Darren Aronofsky (the director) with managing to inject so much sexuality into Black Swan without a stitch of blatent nudity (though there is plenty implied). So, fair warning if you want to see this movie. 

Anyway, that's about all that's significant lately. I did finish my Christmas shopping, so yay for that. And I made this necklace I'm wearing. Do you like?


  1. I'm seeing Black Swan with my brother tonight. I saw Inception, which I liked, but I have yet to see The Social Network. Have you seen Scott Pilgrim vs the World? That's my favorite movie this year. I've seen it five times already. :P

  2. I think it would be great to see your movie and book reviews in a column or magazine or e-zine. I bet you could make a pretty penny selling your opinions! And I like your whole outfit, especially the way you did your hair in the back.

  3. I saw Black Swan and my best friend HATED it, I liked it okay. It definitely stuck with me, but I have always been super girly and obsessed with ballerinas, so go figure.

    And I love the necklace!


  4. LOVED Black Swan!! I really like the necklace, and your hair!! Very pretty!